Spun yarns Non-twisted yarns
Bamboo yarn Milk yarn
Soybean yarn Tows for flocking
Cotton/Linen blended yarn Polyester tow
Ramie yarn, pure and blended PP tow
Hemp yarn, pure and blended Viscose tow
Acrylic yarn, pure and blended Filaments
Silk/cashmere blended yarn High tenacity polyester filament.
100% fire retardant Acrylic yarn Polyester Monofilament
100% fire retardant Polyester yarn Dope-dyed polyester FDY & DTY filaments.
Dyed cotton yarns, combed or carded. Polyester filament, FDY, DT, DTY
Dyed polyester yarn. 100% fire retardant polyester filament,
Wool yarns FDY & DTY
Water soluable PVC yarn 100% fire retardant Viscose filament
Water soluable PVC tops High tenacity PA6 & PA6.6 filament.
PA6 & PA6.6 monofilament Heather yarn
PA6 & PA6.6 filament, FDY, DT, DTY Thick and Thin filament
Viscose filament Crepe yarn
Dope-dyed Viscose filament. Fancy yarns
High tenacity PP filament. Chenille yarn
Dope-dyed PP filament. Loop yarns
UHMWPE Filament. Boucle yarns
Bamboo filament. Chainetter yarns
PTT 75D/36F,75D/48F,150D/36F,150D/48F Tape yarn
PBT DTY 75D/24F 100D/18-24F 150D/36F Feather yarn
Draw Warp Yarns Ladder yarn
Polyester Micro filament Hollow yarn
  Rovering yarn
  Big-belly yarn
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